Subscription Services


Spacebar Recording Subscrption Services

With a subscription to services from Spacebar Recording, you can lower your bottom line as an artist/musician and have quick, reliable access to exactly what your brand needs to build and thrive. You'll be provided everything you'd expect from the Spacebar name, from High-Priority session booking, to quick and professional Mixing and Mastering, and even Social Media Advertisements. This subscription package gives you both utility and ease of mind, allowing you to focus on your music instead of on your budget!


What's available with a subscription?

With a Spacebar Recording Service Subscription you can have access to the following every month:

  • 4 two-hour recording sessions with high-priority booking
  • 6 Graphical Assets, including Album Covers, Social Media Advertisements, Picture Editing services, and other designs
  • Weekly lessons in either Musical Production or Audio Software Engineering with the industry-standard Digital Audio Workstation programs
  • 5 professional mixes with the same speed and quality that you already expect from the Spacebar Brand

Plans start at $150/month, contact us today!